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(FIC)Mag7_Londom Song (1/???)  
Title: London Song
Author: Ruby Sparrow
Rated: T
Genre: Mystery/Adventure/AU
Words: 2,156
Disclaimer: I do not own “The Magnificent Seven” story line, characters, settings, or anything else to do with it. I am in no way getting paid for this story unless you count the fun I had writing it.

Summary: The 1800s, in the Whitechapel area of London, England, prostitutes are dying left and right. Lord Orin Travis, a member of the House of Lords, is tired of people saying that nothing is being done to stop the murders. He forms a group of seven men, each one with his own skill, to work together and stop the murders. After having a few problems getting to trust one another, they now form an odd group of men but a group that gets the job done. They now wander the streets of London, turning the hunter into the hunted but will they be able to stop the murderess Jack the Ripper.

Chapter I: The Heroes in the Dark

The last golden rays of the setting sun had slowly disappeared behind the buildings of London as the fog moved in off the bay. Most decent folks had returned home already, not wanting to be associated with the ‘creatures of the night’. It was a silent night as the rodents in the ally searched the grounds for food but the hunt for dinner was disturbed by the sound of footsteps getting closer.

Gloriana Walker had had a bad feeling about coming out tonight but with her son being ill she needed the money, badly. Her daughter was taking care of him while she was working.

She had never had a bad night, normally having many men wanting her company and willing to pay a pretty penny for it. Gloriana was not a plain woman, with her golden blond hair and deep blue eyes. A fair and very soft skin, she was not one of the normal girls that one would find walking the streets at night. She would make a fine wife for any gentleman, if she had been born into a wealthier family. She once had a happy life but now here she was working the streets, trying to get enough money to take care of her two kids and to keep the make-shift house they resided in.

She was going to try a new part of town tonight but had to find somewhere that didn’t have territory girls, women that didn’t take too kindly to new faces in their part. So now she was on her way to visit a friend of her. The one who had showed her the ropes of working the streets and how to handle any unwanted trouble.

About to turn a corner she heard a noise, stopping her in her tracks, footsteps and they were coming towards her. Who would be in an alleyway? She asked herself trying to stay clam. Maybe it’s just a mouse, she thought, the footsteps getting closer and louder, a very big mouse. She started walking again, heading for the main street and leaving the ally. Listening to the steps that still followed her and getting closer. She rounded the corner realizing that she was now running, she held the front of her dress keeping it up, out of the way of her legs. Looking back over her shoulder she didn’t see the puddle of water, slipping in it she fell to her knees getting the front of her dress wet. Hearing the footsteps getting to the corner she held her breath and closed her eyes not wanting to see what was to come.

“Here now, what’s with all the running?” Gloriana turned to see Maddy leaning over her offering her a hand up. “If I didn’t know better I think you were running from Jack the Ripper.”

“Truth be told Maddy, I thought I was,” she said taking the hand and standing up, she started to ring out the water from her dress. “What are you doing here?”

“Went to see a friend of my, live near the area she does,” Maddy answered. “And what are you doing out and about Annie, thought you were going to stay in tonight, looking after Danny.”

“Emily’s watching over him, we need the money too badly for me not to work and I was coming to see you,” she said as she started walking. She didn’t like standing in one place for too long, more so now with all of the murders that had been going on. She made for the entrance of the ally hoping to get to where there were a few more people about. “You shouldn’t be out all by yourself.”

A chuckle came from Maddy as she walked along side her, “I could say the same for you.”

“Yes, I guess you’re right but you’re also my only friend so who else would I walk…” she looked toward Maddy just in time to see the shadow coming up behind them and the flash of the moonlight off the blade it held in its hand. “MADDY!”

Annie jumped knocking Maddy to the ground, both landing in another puddle. Before she could even try to stand two hands grabbed her by the shoulders, picking her up and pushing her back against the wall of a building. One of the hands held her while the other one went to her throat, cutting off her air. She clawed at the arm as she stared into the face of a man. A scar ran down his face, right across his nose and she noticed he was missing most of his teeth as he grinned at her. Annie kicked at his legs, his stomach but he wouldn’t let go, she could see Maddy pounding at his back but he just knocked her off without even losing his hold on Annie’s neck.

Annie was losing air and fast, her eyes was starting to lose focus, this is it, this is the end. Her thoughts started drifting to her children, wondering what would become of them, who would take care of them? She began to pray for them when suddenly she realized that she was no longer being held to the wall and that the man was gone. She scanned the ally as her lungs fought to get air back into them. Her eyes searched for the teeth less man but all they found was a pale face and emerald green eyes right in front of her staring back into her blue ones.

“Are you alright?” The new man asked.

“I’m…I’m…” Annie couldn’t talk, who was this man. She couldn’t get her thoughts under control. Why? Why would he help me?

“Ma’am are you alright?” he asked again.

She only nodded that she was okay, her eyes catching movement off to the side. There was another man fighting with the scared man and it looked like he was winning.

“Annie, you alright?” Maddy had climbed over to her almost pushing the pale man out of the way.

“I do believe miss, that you and your friend should make a hasty retreat out of here,” green eyes replied.

Gloriana just stared at the man, not recognizing his accent, who are these people? She looked from the fight going on to the two in front of her, none of whom saw the other man coming up behind them with another blade. She tried to yell but her voice wouldn’t work.


Annie only heard the voice as green eyes turned throwing his arm up. There was a yell, a flash of light, and a gun short.

The shot pulled her eyes away down the alley, to see yet another man standing holding a still smoking gun. Looking closer she noticed that this man however was still fairly young, he’s just a boy.

“Damn they got away.” Her head turned toward the man that had been fighting, he was lying on his back staring up the alleyway as the two shadows ran off, one of them holding his arm as it hung limp at his side. Gloriana looked back to the young man with the gun, he hit him, at that distance, and in the dark. Now she was really wondering who these people were. “You ladies alright?” The fighter had come to stand next to them, she could just barely make out the well kept mustache on his face.

“We’re just fine love,” Maddy answered, “ain’t that right Annie? Annie?”

Annie wasn’t looking at them, she was looking at the green eyed man sitting off to the side, holding his right arm close to him. She could see the blood running through his fingers, mixing with the already muddy ground. She climbed to him ripping a piece of her dress off, the whole time he just eyed her. “Let me see your arm,” Annie reached out for his arm but he just pulled away like she was going to bite him. “We need to stop the bleeding,” she argued trying for his arm again but again he pulled away.

“Shit Ez, your arm.” She hadn’t noticed the young man moving to their side, he now kneeled next to the bleeding man. Annie studied the young face hiding behind the shoulder length brown hair. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and reached for the older man’s arm.

Instead of pulling away, he gives in, handing his arm over to be tended to. Although to Annie it seems that he was not too happy about it. “I assure you Master Dunne that I’m quite well.”

“Sure you are Hoss and all that red is just the color bleeding from your jacket ‘cause of the moisture in the air.” This had came from the mustached man, who now stood behind Annie, Maddy stood next to him, a look of horror on her face.

Gloriana study the man in front of her, he was wearing a bright red jacket but his face was what held her eyes. His already pale skin was getting paler by the second, his bright green eyes was losing their shin, and his auburn hair was sticking to his face, whether from the moisture in the air or from the sweat that was starting to cover his body, she didn’t know.

He made to stand waving away the youth, “Master Wilmington, when I…” A cry of pain escaped him as his legs gave out, Annie jumped to help but the other two men were by his side faster then could move.

“We should get you back to Nathan, before you lose an arm, then how would you play poker.” The youngest said.

Annie move back beside Maddy making room for them to move. “Is there anything we can do?” She asked.

All three men looked up at once as if just now remembering them. She wasn’t sure if she could trust them but they had just saved her and Maddy’s lives.

“Do ya live far from here?” the youth asked.

Maddy shook her head, “I live ‘bout two blocks ‘way but Annie here lives half way ‘cross town.”

“We should walk them home, it’s not over, I just don’t…”

“Not now JD,” the mustached man interrupted. “We would love for your help but I think it would be best if you ladies head on home and stay inside for the rest of the night. We need to get our friend some help.”

She scanned each of their faces, eyes landing on the man in the middle, only standing with the help of the other two. She didn’t know why but she felt like she had to take care of him, they seemed to know what they’re doing, she thought and they were acting like this wasn’t the first time one of them had gotten hurt. She wanted to stay but she had a feeling whoever this Nathan was could help him better then she could. Leaning over she placed a quick kiss on his cheek, as well as the other two men. “Thank you for saving us, maybe we’ll meet again.”

The wounded man looked up at her, “Perhaps we shall but until that day fare well fair…” his head fell forward a hiss of pain coming from his lips.

“Come on Ez, let’s get you home.”

The two women stood there, watching their saviors leave the ally, a few second later a carriage drove by, the youth in the diver seat.

“Well who do you suppose they were?” Maddy asked.

Gloriana just shook her head, what did he mean by it not being over? She thought, what would they talking about?

“Best we be getting home like they said, maybe you should come with me,” Maddy offered.

“No, I think I should get back to the kids.” She hated to go home soon, the night hadn’t even started. Going home empty handed was not something she had planed on doing tonight. She needed the money for the medicine for Daniel but after coming within an inch of deaths door she needed to see her children’s’ faces. “Hurry on home Maddy, I’m see you tomorrow.”

“You sure?”


“Alright, I’ll come check on you in the morning.” Maddy gave a wave of her hand before turning and heading off towards her home, leaving Annie by herself.

“Who could they have been?” she asked herself. Whoever they were she couldn’t get the wounded man out of her mind. “They called him Ez.” She thought back to the fight, trying to remember anything else that his companions might had said, “No, wait it was Ezra, the young man had yelled Ezra.” She gave a sigh, upset that that was all she could think of.

She watch the last glimmer of Maddy’s dress disappeared around the corner and out of sight. Turning she headed home, his bright his green eyes still in her mind.