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(FIC)Mag7_Londom Song (3/??)  
Title: London Song
Author: Ruby Sparrow
Rated: T
Genre: Mystery/Adventure/AU
Words: 2,017
Disclaimer: I do not own “The Magnificent Seven” story line, characters, settings, or anything else to do with it. I am in no way getting paid for this story unless you count the fun I had writing it.

Summary: The 1800s, in the Whitechapel area of London, England, prostitutes are dying left and right. Lord Orin Travis, a member of the House of Lords, is tired of people saying that nothing is being done to stop the murders. He forms a group of seven men, each one with his own skill, to work together and stop the murders. After having a few problems getting to trust one another, they now form an odd group of men but a group that gets the job done. They now wander the streets of London, turning the hunter into the hunted but will they be able to stop the murderess Jack the Ripper.


Chapter 3: The Party of Bad News


“I can’t believe you guys went out, even after I said not to.” Christopher Larabee was furious at his three team members that sat in front of him on the couch. He was pacing back and forth, attempting to not start yelling at his men. “I can’t leave you two alone for a second,” he was looking at JD and Buck. The two of them had become like brothers, unfortunately for Chris they were like the kind of brothers that were always getting the other into trouble. “And you…” he looked toward Ezra, who sat perfectly still, his arm wrapped in a new bandage.

Chris shook his head; he didn’t even know what to say to the ex-con, why can’t they ever listen to me? “Why didn’t you stop them Nathan?”

“Don’t bring Nathan into this Hoss! He tried to stop us but what were we suppose to do? Just sit here and let those girls get hurt?” Buck yelled in the healer’s defense.

“Did you even save the girls?” Chris asked.

“Well yes…but…” JD started, not sure if he should tell Chris that he had had the same dream last night.

Ezra stared at the youth, knowing where he was trying to go but didn’t know how. JD couldn’t hide his nightmares from Ezra, even if he wanted to. The gambler had the quarters right next to the young man and he could hear whenever Dunne had a nightmare and then spent the rest of the night moving about his room.

“What young Master Dunne is trying to say is that although we could not escort the ladies home, due to unseen events,” he paused rubbing his good arm over his wounded one, “we did however prevent any harm from befalling them.”

“Yeah, what Ezra said!”

“Come on pard, we always go out on the hunt, why was last night any different?”

Chris glared at the three men, he had just had a bad feeling about last night. Lord Travis knew how much Chris hated crowed places and yet he insisted that Larabee be there, as well as Sanchez and Tanner; Vin being the second most unsocial member of their team. Chris had thought it would be alright for the others to go out on the ‘Hunt’, as the boys had started calling their nightly rounds but for some reason when JD had a dream with two girls instead of one, he quickly changed his mind. He ordered them to stay in last night, not hearing their protests Chris had believed that for once they would listen to him but he was wrong.

“They gotta point, Cowboy,” Vin spoke up for the first time in the whole argument. The assassin had been standing by the fireplace, leaning against the mantle, “’sides ya know even if we’d all went, Ez would still have gotten hurt,” he nodded to the ex-con, an grin on his lips. Ezra was one of the two team members that were always getting hurt out on the ‘Hunt’, whether it was a small cut or a broken leg.

“This was one of the reasons for the party last night.”

The blonde just stared at the former preacher, he had been hoping to have some breakfast before talking about that, or at least some coffee, he thought.

“Chris?” Nathan’s voice pulled Chris back to the men in front of him.

Larabee looked over his men, Nathan and Buck both had looks of confusing on their faces while JD looked like he had just seen a ghost. Ezra however looked as calm as ever, at least to anyone who didn’t know him that well, to one of his team mates, he was just as confused as Buck and Nathan; and maybe a little pit worried. Chris shook his head, “That’s not the tropic at the moment Josiah. Right now I’m yelling at these three for going against my orders.” Chris hoped that would change the subject but he guessed wrong.

“Ya didn’t give an order.”

“What?” Chris asked staring at the tracker.

“All ya said was ‘don’t think you boys should go out tonight’, never gave an order.”

“Brother Vin’s got a point there.” Josiah moved taking a sit next to Ezra.

“Just who’s side are you boys on?”

“It would seem the winning side, Master Larabee.” Standish stared at Chris as if daring him to say something. He couldn’t, however, stop his smile at the face the blonde was giving him, “I must say though that Master Tanner does speak the truth.”

“You three knew damn well what I meant! Now we’re down a man right when we need everyone.” Ezra started to protest but Chris just held his hand up, “You can’t fight with that arm.”

“No, I will admit defeat in that area but I could perhaps converse with some of my associates to ascertain where those ladies reside, to find if they are indeed still in good health.”

“Yeah, most of all that little Goldie Locks,” Buck elbowed Ezra getting a groan from the gambler as he and JD started laughing.

“’Fraid we got bigger problems then finding those women.” The joking stopped and they became silent, all staring at the eldest member. A few moments went by before he only answered with a sigh.

“Josiah…what’s wrong?” JD was the one to break the stillness that had falling on the group. When no answer came the youth turned to the others, Vin was now looking at the fire, as if trying to forget that the others were there in the room. Chris however was looking right back him, his mint green eyes softer then normal, “Chris…?”

“They found a body at the London Bridge,” the blonde answered, his team punishment forgotten. “She was by The Monument, and it wasn’t a pretty sight from what Lord Traivs told us.”

“She? Do they know who it was?” JD lower his head as if he was behind the death himself.

Chris looked toward Josiah and then Vin, wish one of them would answer, he thought to himself. He hated telling bad news to the team, most of all Ezra and JD. They may not show it but he had come to realize that for some reason death always effected them the hardest of those on the team. “Yes, they know…last night wasn’t a happy gathering. Lord Anderson was having a wake, it was his daughter.”

“Good Lord, Lady Elizabeth?”

“Not Beth?”

“That poor girl.”


Larabee had all four talking at once Ezra’s Southern accent rising above the others. “Lady Elizabeth’s body was found five days ago but they only figured out that it was her by the necklace she always wore.”

“She was that bad?” Nathan could only imagine what kind of condition she was in if they had to go by a necklace. Being the team’s medic he had examined all of the victims they had came across and he could never get them out of his head afterwards.

“Was the worst one.” Vin answered as Chris only nodded.

The worst one!” JD and Ezra yelled as one, while Buck and Nathan stared in shock.

“What do ya mean the worst one, she ain’t the first?” Nathan asked, hoping that he had heard Tanner wrong.

“No, she wasn’t.” Josiah’s voice was nice and calm as if none of this bothered him. “There have been six of them all together; three at the Monument, counting Elizabeth, one at the Southwark Bridge, another by the Bank of England, and the last was also by the London Bridge but closer to Fenchurch.”

Fenchurch? Ezra thought, that was close to where the three of them had saved the two women. “Why haven’t we been informed of these cases?”

“Because other then Lady Elizabeth, the victims had just been nameless women.”

“Now just a minute Chris, those women…”

“Clam down Bucklan, Chris is only repeating what the Commander from Scotland Yard said. Only not so many pretty words,” he give a grin at the mustached man. “Don’t worry, taught him to think otherwise. Didn’t ya Cowboy?”

Chris only stared at the blue eyed man. Vin had picked up that nickname after hearing the blonde yelling at JD to stop comparing him to the cowboys in all of the dime novels that the kid read about the Wild West. For some reason Vin was the only one that Chris let get away with calling him that.

“Lord Anderson was the one that wanted us at the party,” Larabee went on to informed the team, “He and Travis were upset with the other deaths but when they found Elizabeth…”

“Scotland Yard decided to take it upon themselves to stop these dreadful events?”

Chris nodded, “They didn’t think it was Jack so they saw no reason to tell us.”

“Why didn’t I see this coming?”

All eyes fell on the youth, upon hearing the mumbled voice, he had his head down, his brown hair hiding his face. Buck moved closer to JD putting a arm around his shoulder. “Not your fault pard, ya can’t dream about all of them, no one could. You shouldn’t even have to be dreaming the ones you do.”

“Buck’s right, most men would go crazy with some of the things that you’ve seen,” Nathan added.

“Beside, everyone ya dream about are attacked by Jack, it seems that this ain’t the Ripper they’re chasing.”

JD looked up at the assassin, mouth opened to protest but just shook his head and lowered it again. Buck and Ezra eyed each other over his bent back. Poor JD, Ezra thought already upset about my arm and now this.

“What makes them think it ain’t Jack?” Nathan asked.


Josiah had pulled an envelope out of his pocket and out of that some pictures, setting them on the coffee table. The three on the couch lend over the photographs as Nathan moved away from the doorway he’d been standing in. There were six of them, each of a brick wall and they could all guess where these brick walls were from. One had red brick so it was harder to see but on all of the walls there was a symbol, drawing in what looked like the victim’s own blood, the symbol was a badly drawn sun with an eye in it’s center.

“What is it?” Buck picked up one of the pictures, eyeing the image.

“Not sure,” Josiah answered, “in all of my studies, I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“But this is why the authorities assume that the murderer is not our friend Jack?”

“Murderers Ez, there’s more then one.”

“And how do they know this Master Tanner?”

“They found three sets of footprints at one of the scenes.”

“What made the prints?” Ezra asked but he had a feeling that he didn’t really want to know.

Vin just stared and if reading his mind, told him so. “They found them with the body before…JD yer ‘right?” His blue eyes settle on the youth, who’s face had became whiter than the bandage around was Ezra’s arm.

“More than one?” JD looked to Buck and then to Ezra.

“Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of these ladies after all,” Ezra stated studying the faces in the room, three of them had looks of confusing. Patience is a virtue gentlemen, he thought to himself, Chris hadn’t given them time to explain what had occurred the night before, he had just started yelling at them. “Last night the damsels in distress had two attackers, which is why I’m in my current condition.”

“But ya saved them?” Vin now stood next to Chris, both were staring at the cardsharp.

“Like Ezra said before, we saved them but couldn’t see them home…I” JD went silent, his brown eyes gazing quickly at Ezra’s arm before back at Chris’s mint green gaze.

“Might as well tell them JD,” Nathan said.

“Tell us what brother?”

JD gave a sigh as he looked toward the pictures on the table. “I don’t think those women are safe from whatever this is just yet.”